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Web design and Hosting    

Only $65.00


 We build your site where your visitors can benefit  because:
1. It's pleasant to the eye
2. They will be satisfied,  with your web site or product
3. They will enjoy interacting with the web site or product
4. They will achieve their goals effectively and efficiently
5. They will cultivate confidence and trust in your product
or web site.
Web Design - Hosting - Promotion  and computer repairs and Upgrades Services

Technodoctors .com  is a Company being in online business since 1997


Technodoctors.com is a Professional Web developer providing Web design - Hosting and Marketing Services with exclusive features you will not find anywhere else!! 

Because Computer Repairs and Upgrades is our primary business, we are DEDICATED at providing one of the most POWERFUL and FEATURE PACKED solution Services to any computer hardware and software needs on the Internet along with Professional WEB PAGE DESIGN for personal or commercial use.